Te Puna Wai Ora (Spring of Life)

Te Puna Wai Ora (Spring of Life)

45 Buick Street, Petone

Come and taste the sparkling spring water from this stunning fountain

Hundreds of visitors and residents are attracted every week to the big granite water feature on the corner of Buick & Jackson Streets. They come to collect and drinking its unique spring water.

Te Puna Wai Ora was opened in 2003 and has since served as a piece of outdoor art at the same time as providing drinking water. The urn-like sculpture of the free-flowing fountain and drinking water outlets was created by artist Louise Purvis. They symbolise an oasis – a place of rest and refreshment.

Te Puna Wai Ora’s pure artesian water originates from the Hutt River. It enters the artesian aquifer at Taita Gorge and is then locked underground in sand, gravel and boulders by layers of clay and silt.

The water is free from micro-organisms and organic substances and is safe to drink without treatment because it has been naturally filtered in its long journey through the aquifer. Some consumers travel long distances to collect the water for drinking.

Te Puna Wai Ora was commissioned as a Millennium project by Hutt City Council, with assistance from the Lottery Grants Board.

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