Old Jail

Old Jail

Historical Jail

274b Jackson Street, Petone

The Old Jail, with its four original cells, is well worth a visit. Developed by the Petone Historical Society as a mini-museum it gives an insight into law and order as it was practiced a century ago.

Built in 1908 in Elizabeth Street, it was once the most senior station in the Hutt Valley with four constables and one sergeant. In the late 1940s the Police Station and Jail were moved behind the old (now derelict) courthouse at 13 Elizabeth Street.Police used the courthouse as an office, but the lock-up continued to be used – mainly for intoxicated offenders – until 1978.

In 1993 a new police station was opened in Jackson Street on the site of the old Petone Central School. Two years later the Jackson Street Programme bought land next door and was gifted the old police station and jail for renovation. They were then relocated to the present site.

The two buildings were then joined by adding a small kitchen and toilet. The project was completed in 1996 under the guidance of JSP co-ordinator Roy Cox.